Artwork > 2016-2020

abstraction, abstract painting, gestural, geometric, colorfield, oil painting, tandhgallery, T+H Gallery
Close To Me Installation at T+H Gallery

Installation of Close to Me, at T+H Gallery in Boston. The title refers to the gestural nature and immediacy of the paintings, but also to the environment around my home in rural Alfred, New York. In this body of work, I explore an abstract language informed by the natural forms and structures that populate the landscape and the history and experiences that shaped this particular place. Built by an artist in the early 1970's, the property contains many outdoor sculptures and earthworks that are integrated into the terrain. The diverse topography shifts from fields and undulating hills to forests and ravines rich with fossils. Weaving in and out of referential forms and colors, I leave space for new ideas to emerge in the painting process. Geometric and organic forms merge as gesture and color create tension, revealing both transitory and measured time. The paintings not only reference the event of painting, they are active spaces for visual exploration.